Environmental Responsibility

green-recycling-symbolFast Eddy and the Environment

Get the most for your old and broken jewelry, silverware, coins, and diamonds by recycling them responsibly with Fast Eddy in West Hartford and Orange, Connecticut! Where you sell your precious metals matters. Come see Fast Eddy today.

Why recycle precious metals?

Gold and silver have been sought after by humans for as far back as records go. That demand for precious metals led to centuries of mining throughout the world. So much mining has occurred that nearly all the world’s easily accessible deposits have already been mined. Today, to mine enough gold for one average gold wedding band, approximately 20 tons of ore must be dug up from the earth and processed with toxic chemicals such as cyanide and mercury. Many of these mines are in the poorest areas of the world where the locals are exploited and exposed to dangerous working conditions. Mining accidents and toxic chemical spills are all too common, prompting the No Dirty Gold campaign. With the energy use, waste, and pollution associated with gold mining, mined gold is dirty and is only getting dirtier. Alan Septoff of No Dirty Gold points out that “There is no such thing as clean gold, unless it’s recycled or vintage,”

Mining Destruction

Why Fast Eddy?

Fast Eddy gold and diamond exchange cares about the environment and a healthy planet that we can proudly leave to our children and grandchildren. That is why we only recycle precious metals with a refinery that is ISO 14001 certified. ISO 14001 Certification is awarded only to companies that pass a strict set of isoregulations, aimed at reducing their environmental footprint and to decreasing the pollution and waste they produce.  In order for an organization to be awarded an ISO 14001 certificate, they must be externally audited by an audit body that has been accredited by an accreditation body. Our refinery is even recognized by the US Department of Energy for demonstrating a commitment to voluntary approaches to environmental protection through actions taken to reduce or capture emissions of greenhouse gases.